DxO Releases OpticsPro 11

June 3, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

DxO has updated its OpticsPro software to version 11, bringing improved noise reduction and several new automated tools into the mix.

DxO PRIME, the software’s noise reduction engine, has been given a speed bump and more faithfully preserves colors in dark areas, according to the company. PRIME is now four times faster when processing RAW files and is especially faster when tackling high ISO files. It’s also better at preserving bokeh and smooth transitions.

Also new is Automated Spot Weighted Corrections. Available in the Smart Lighting toolset, Automated Spot Weight Corrections uses face detection to apply an intelligent tone map to the entire image so that you can boost dynamic range or improve contrast while optimizing illumination on faces.

OpticsPro 11 reads the metadata from your image and prompts you to download the matching camera/lens module. From there, it’s able to apply corrections to common optical maladies such as lens distortion, chromatic aberration, lens softness and more. As of today, there are over 28,000 camera/lens combos supported by the software, DxO said.

Additional new features in v. 11 include:

* batch red-eye removal

* full screen mode

* an auto microcontrast mode that recovers information in shadows and highlights while avoiding flattening mid tones

The Elite version of OpticsPro 11 retails for $149 and includes all the features above. If you opt for the $99 Essentials version, you’ll lose PRIME de-noising technology, anti-moire tools and a host of other features. If you bought version 10 on or after April 1, 2016, version 11 can be downloaded for free.