Edit RAW Images on Your iOS Device with RAW Power

November 15, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Now that iOS 11 supports RAW image file formats from a multitude of cameras, the door has opened to actually editing RAW images on your phone and iPad. Of course, that comes with its own unique set of constraints (storage and processing power leap to mind). But if you’re willing to go mobile, the new RAW Power app from Gentlemen Coders can accommodate your desires.

What’s notable about RAW Power isn’t just its capabilities but its pedigree. Gentlemen Coders was founded by Nik Bhatt, who lead the development of Apple’s Aperture and iPhoto and has extensive experience with Apple’s imaging technologies.

The iOS app is a companion to the older RAW Power Mac app and leverages the iCloud library to keep images and edits synced between desktop and mobile devices. You can start an edit on your iPhone and pick up where you left off on your desktop, or vice versa.

RAW Power for iOS supports non-destructive image editing and will work on any RAW file supported by iOS (full list here). Most of the standard RAW processing tools that you’d find across the universe of image editing programs are available in RAW Power, including sharpening, noise reduction, crop/rotate, color adjustments, highlight/shadow recovery and more. It can also edit JPEG and PNG image files.

RAW Power for iOS is free, but a $10 in-app purchase unlocks three additional tools: white balance, advanced curves adjustment and a depth adjustment feature. This last tool is designed specifically for dual-camera iPhones and images taken in “portrait mode.” Depth adjustment can read the depth information captured by the iPhone and gives you control over how blurry or sharp you’d like the background to be by adjusting what is mapped as background and what is mapped as foreground.