Explorest Could Help You Find Your Next Great Photo Shoot Location

July 20, 2017

There are several apps that aim to help photographers and filmmakers scout locations. The newest, Explorest, hopes to distinguish itself from the pack by tapping into the pro and enthusiast photo community to curate a selection of photo locations. In exchange for submitting location images and helpful information for those scouting locations, Explorest will share in-app purchase revenue with contributing photographers.

The iPhone app provides a wealth of information on a given location, including real-time weather updates, recommendations on the best times to visit, what to pack, precise GPS coordinates, directions and more. Information can be saved for offline use in the event you wander beyond the reach of cell service.

Photographers can also offer exposure suggestions for shooting in a given spot and tip off users to nearby attractions (like great coffee houses).

To incentivize photographers to contribute location images and information, Explorest shares 50-percent of its in-app purchases and subscription fees with contributors (fine print here) via PayPal. Not anyone can submit images and info however–Explorest will vet contributors before their information and images go live. According to the app’s terms of service, photographs submitted to Explorest can’t be downloaded by other users but could be used by the company within the app and “limited use outside the app” for marketing purposes. Photographers can withdraw their images by sending the company an email.

For end users, Explorest promises a more personalized location scout. Before recommending locations, the app asks the user a series of questions to best match location recommendations with the user’s preferences.

The app is available on iTunes for free for now but will eventually shift to a monthly fee of $4.99.  Explorest only works in Singapore but according to Digital Trends, it will expand to the U.S. later this year.