EyeEm to Make Select Images Available to Adobe Stock

October 5, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

© Dawid Garwol

An example of an EyeEm image available on Adobe Stock.

EyeEm is linking up with Adobe Stock to give EyeEm users a chance to have their work licensed on Adobe’s budding stock market.

The EyeEm Collection will consist of “hand-selected” images that will be available in Adobe’s Premium Collection–the crème de la crème of the Adobe Stock market. EyeEm Collection images are already available on Getty and Alamy licensing platforms as well, making Adobe Stock the third partner marketplace.

Photographers can choose to opt-in or out of having their images in the EyeEm Collection.

EyeEm users whose work is licenses through the Adobe collection will enjoy a 50/50 revenue share with EyeEm (after Adobe takes an unspecified cut).