Action Cameras

Eyefi Cuts the Card, Offers Wireless Transfers from GoPro, Olympus Cameras

June 16, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Eyefi is expanding the reach of its mobile app and cloud service thanks to new partnerships with GoPro and Olympus. Now, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras from both companies will be able to transfer images to mobile devices using only Eyefi’s Mobi app, not its memory card.

The card-less transfer will be available for Android devices first and iOS devices later this year, Eyefi said. While Eyefi’s Mobi Pro card can transfer both RAW and JPEG images to mobile devices, it wasn’t immediately clear whether the GoPro/Olympus transfers would also include RAW images. (Update: Eyefi has confirmed that RAW images will also be transferred using just the app.)

Users transferring their images to mobile devices can use Eyefi’s cloud to sync those photos with desktop computers and other mobile devices running the Eyefi Mobi app. The Eyefi cloud stores full-resolution photos, including RAW images. A monthly subscription of $4.99 offers unlimited photo backup and syncing on an unlimited number of devices.

Photographers who use the Mobi app but don’t subscribe to the company’s cloud service can add card-free transfers for Olympus and GoPro cameras via a $4.99 in-app purchase.

At launch, wireless transfers will be supported by the following cameras: GoPro’s Hero+LCD, Hero 3, and Hero 4 action cams as well as Olympus’ Stylus 1, Stylus TG860, PEN E-P5 and the OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

Eyefi also added a new “Smart Tags” feature to its cloud service. Smart Tags automatically scans and tags images in your Eyefi photo collection using image recognition algorithms. Similar smart-tagging functions have recently been rolled out in Lightroom and Flickr–and haven’t always worked as advertised (though we’ve yet to play with Eyefi’s implementation). The tags can be refined by users and custom tags can be created as well.