Filmborn App Brings Classic Films and Darkroom Edits to Your iPhone

November 4, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

While film-like photo filters are hardly a new thing, a new app from  Lightroom plugin maker Mastin Labs is hoping to more faithfully recreate classic film looks on iPhones via a new iOS app.

The Filmborn app offers a native camera with live previews of various film simulations and gesture-based control over white balance and exposure plus highlight warnings. Your choice of films simulations include Fuji 160NS, 400H and 800Z; Ilford Pan-F, HPS and D 3200 and Kodak P 160, P 400 and P 800 films.

The app’s control panel gives you the ability to adjust image aspect ratio (4:3, 3:2, 1:1 and 6:7) along with a choice of simulated lens focal lengths (32, 35 and 50mm) and film look. You can save up to three preset configurations of focal length, film look and aspect ratio for easier retrieval.

The Filmborn app has a library function which is integrated with your camera roll so you can scroll through existing images and apply film looks to them even if you didn’t snap them in the app. You can apply film looks to images in batches or individually. Using the app’s Darkroom tool, you can make more in-depth edits that are applied non-destructively to your photos. You can save a copy of the image with the changes applied as a flattened JPEG.

You’ll also find an in-app user’s manual to walk you through the films with advice on which films to use in a given situation.

The Filmborn app will launch later this month.