Here’s What’s New in Adobe Bridge

February 9, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Adobe is rolling out an update to its Bridge CC asset manager application with eye toward boosting its speed and performance.

Here’s what’s new in version 6.2, which is available immediately.

Automated cache management: Bridge’s cache stores thumbnails, previews and metadata and as those pile up, it can slow down the program. Now you’ll be able to manage the cache to optimize for performance or total size. The update also enables automatic purging of stale cache items when Bridge is idle. There’s now a cache clean-up when you exit if the cache exceeds a given size. 

On demand thumbnail generation: Bridge will also get faster during browsing thanks to a new thumbnail generation process. Thumbnail images will be extracted for only on-screen assets when you select a folder and thumbnails for your remaining files will only be generated if you scroll up or down or when Bridge is idle. Metadata info, however, is extracted for all your files so you’ll be able to filter through your files before all the thumbnails are generated.

Greater import device support on a Mac: The updated Bridge will now recognize and be able to import files from iOS mobile devices, Android mobile devices, digital cameras connected in Picture Transfer Protocol or Media Transfer Protocol modes.