Here’s What’s New in Capture One 11.1

April 20, 2018

Phase One has updated Capture One 11 to version 11.1, adding a portal for tutorials, new Styles and support for new cameras and lenses.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

* Adding Styles and presets to a layer on one or multiple images is now faster with direct control of opacity.

* There’s a new Spring Styles pack to deliver a “bright pastel” color grade to images.

* A Resource Hub has been added with access to learning tools such as videos, blog posts, webinars and product news.

* The normalization tool, which provides a reference point for exposure and white balance for batch adjustments, now supports using any color (before the only choice was a neutral grey).

* New camera support, including Fujifilm X-H1, Leica M262, Leica CL, Leica X-U, Leica V-Lux Typ 114, Leica TL2, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mk III, Olympus E-PL9, Panasonic G9, Panasonic GH5S, Sony A7 Mk III

* New lens support for multiple Tamron, Canon, Leica and Sony lenses.

* Capture Pilot updated to version 2.0, which adds camera control support for Sony, allowing users to change camera settings of the tethered camera directly from your iOS device.

Capture One 11.1 is available now for $299 for new users. Owners of Capture One 11 can upgrade for free. If you own Capture One Pro 10 or 9 you can upgrade to 11.1 for $119.

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