New CyberLink Plugin Uses AI to Paint on Your Video

April 24, 2018

AI-powered software for still photography is increasingly common, but using artificial intelligence to render effects on motion clips is quite new. In fact, CyberLink says it’s the first to leverage AI to create its AI Style Plugins–a series of video effects that make your video look as if it were painstakingly hand painted.

The AI Style Plugin is compatible with the company’s Windows-based PowerDirector 16. It uses AI and deep learning to recreate artistic styles from the world’s most renowned artists, such as Van Gogh and Monet, and transform any original video into the artist’s style by using the strokes and color tones of a specific work of art. Applying the filter to your video turns it into, essentially, a moving painting.

The AI Styles pack runs on your computer, though you’ll need an approved graphics card for it to work (i.e. a NVIDA graphic cards supporting CUDA 3.0 or newer versions). The tool can process full-length videos and output up to 4K cinematic resolution.


So what makes the AI Style Plugin different than your traditional filter or video effect? CyberLink says that the deep learning that undergirds it “demonstrates a much greater understanding of the thought processes behind how the human artists create their masterpieces – right down to brush strokes and color tones.”

Style Packs will be dedicated to specific artists and artistic styles with the first release concentrating on 10 popular pieces each by Van Gogh and Impressionist painters Monet and Manet. The packs cost $150.

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