Here’s What’s New in Capture One 11

November 30, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One has released a major update to Capture One, bringing the professional image app into its 11th version.

Like many new software releases, Capture One is focused on improving the speed and performance of its RAW editor and image manager. Among the areas targeted for a speed boost are the catalog and layers. Opening catalogs, making slider adjustments, masking, and other edits should be speedier in version 11.

Layers (formerly called “local adjustments”) are also substantially improved: all adjustment tools are now compatible with layered editing. New tools have been added to refine and feather a mask after drawing, or adjust the opacity of a layer to control the impact of local adjustments. Capture One Styles presets can also be applied as a layer.

Another major new feature is the ability to draw directly on images and have those drawings exported as a layer in a PSD file. Watermarks can also be added as a separate layer during PSD export.

There are new scriptable commands so you can save repetitive actions for easy recall.

Phase One has also re-engineered its color tools and have made color readouts available in LAB mode.

Capture One 11 is available now for $299.