Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 10

December 1, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One has released a major update to its Capture One processing software, pushing the program to Version 10 and adding a host of new capabilities.

The software gets a speed boost during browsing, zooming and panning with OpenCL hardware acceleration enabled by default. You’ll find a new default workspace that offers image examples to help you get a jumpstart on your work.

Images can now be sharpened over three stages. First, there’s a new lens tool option that corrects lost sharpness caused by diffraction. Then, you can choose to sharpen the image globally or in part using a new Halo Suppression slider and blending algorithm. Finally, there’s a user-defined output sharpening tool with options to specify the distance from which the final output an image should be viewed.

Phase One has also improved Capture One’s on-screen proofing with the ability to simulate the final size, resolution, color, compression artifacts and sharpening of images in the viewing panel.

The software sports a new Tangent panel system inspired from video color grading applications. The panel lets you tweak color using multiple input commands simultaneously.

Tethered shooters will get a new camera focus tool module.

Here’s the full list of new features coming to Capture One Pro 10:

  • Three-phase sharpening tools
  • Output proofing
  •  New default workspace
  • Camera focus tool module for tethered cameras
  • Tangent panel: full integration
  • New filter option: search by orientation of images
  • Optimization of JPEG output for size/quality
  • Move folders in catalogs
  • Auto masking extended to any editable file type (including Xtrans)
  • Improved compressed RAW and Fuji support
  • Hardware acceleration – OpenCL is now enabled by default
  • Stripe reduction LCC for 100MP
  • Optimized LCC creation
  • Computer ID in license for activation management
  • Apple script – new properties (Mac only)
  • New camera support: Olympus E-M1 mkll, Sony RX100M5, Sony A6500 and Sony A99M2.
  • New lens profile support: Sony FE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS, Sony 70-200 mm F2.8 G, and Sony E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS

If you already own v. 8 or 9, you can upgrade to Capture Pro 10 for $99, although Capture Pro 9 owners who bought the program since November 1 get a free upgrade. If you’re coming to Capture Pro 10 for the first time, you’ll shell out $299 or $15/month for a yearly subscription.