Sony Builds High-Res OLED Viewfinder Coming Soon to a Mirrorless Near You

May 29, 2018

Sony does a brisk business not simply in cameras, but in several imaging components such as sensors and OLED viewfinders.

The newest product to roll out of Sony’s component business is a .5-inch OLED display with the highest resolution in its class (1600 x 1200). The ECX339A OLED features the world’s smallest pixel pitch of 6.3μm for a 1.6x higher resolution than the previous model. It supports frame rates up to 240fps, which is double the speed of the prior model.

So how did Sony do it? According to the company, as you attempt to increase the resolution of an EVF you can actually degrade image quality and viewing angle. The new EVF uses an optimized transistor layout, new color filter and a reduction in the distance between the color filter and the light-emitting layer.

Mass production of the EVF is planned for November of this year, so it’s likely you’d see it in mirrorless cameras sometime in 2019.