Object of Desire: Gnarbox Wi-Fi Hard Drive

November 18, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

It may sound like a disfiguring disease from the Victorian era, but the Gnarbox is actually a welcome travel companion for photographers and filmmakers alike. The Gnarbox is a Wi-Fi-enabled portable hard drive, but unlike other wireless hard drives, it’s not simply a repository for content. Thanks to its built-in Intel Quad Core processor (1.8GHz) and a four core Intel HD Graphics GPU, it can double as a mini editing computer when paired with a smartphone or tablet. Here’s how it works. You can upload footage to the drive via a USB 3 connection or via its SD and microSD card slots. In addition to JPEG and H.264 video, the Gnarbox can ingest RAW still photos and ProRes video. Your digital content is then automatically organized by metadata (time, date and GPS location data). Using a free app for iPhone and Android devices, you can edit your stills and footage as well as upload the finished product directly to social media. The drive automatically creates a copy of your work so you’re not editing the original. Edits to RAW files are non-destructive and create a Lightroom-readable XMP sidecar file with your instructions. Video editing tools include a scrub bar, frame rate control and an in/out bar. The Gnarbox supports video frame rates up to 240 fps and has an internal battery that’s good for between four and six hours of operation before needing a recharge. Its exterior is water, shock and dust proof.

PRICE: $299


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