Object of Desire: LaCie 2big

July 28, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

LaCie’s 2big 2-bay RAID storage drive.

If we’ve learned anything about storage since the dawn of the digital age, it’s that it’s never big enough. Still, with its newest update, LaCie’s 2big 2-bay RAID storage drive does pack enough storage to tide you over until you start shooting 8K video. The new 2big is available in capacities up to 20TB (25 percent larger than the prior model) with enough room for up to 650 hours of 4K/30p footage or 200,000 RAW files. Newly outfitted with Thunderbolt 3, the 2big can transfer data at a brisk 440 MB/s, or about one hour of 4K footage in just about a minute. LaCie says you should see “zero” lag time when browsing stored images in Lightroom, too. There are a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports so you can daisy-chain additional Thunderbolt devices such as monitors or other drives. LaCie will sell an optional adapter for Thunderbolt 2 devices, as those use an incompatible connector. Beyond offering speedy storage, the 2big doubles as a docking station with ports for connecting your plentiful peripherals. The 2big boasts front-facing SD and CompactFlash card slots, a USB 3.0 hub for charging devices or transferring files and a DisplayPort for connecting to a monitor (including 4K displays). There’s also a USB 3.1 port with a Type A connection (a USB-C adapter cable is included with your purchase). The LaCie 2big Dock will be available in 12TB, 16TB or 20TB capacities.