Object of Desire: Promise Technology Apollo Cloud

March 27, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

This 2TB hard drive is ideal for media sharing among a team. Apollo owners can invite up to nine people to upload and share files privately and securely. You’ll be able to assign each of the nine members an allotment of storage space from a simple dashboard. Those nine will, in turn, be able to share content to an unlimited number of guests—though those guests will not get their own sharing rights. The drive has hardware encryption and will encrypt any data that’s sent to or from the device. There’s also SMB server support for Apple’s macOS Sierra. Using Apollo, you can schedule daily backups or upload files directly from USB devices, where you’ll enjoy USB 3.0 connection speeds. You can also schedule automated backups of the Apollo’s contents to external USB drives for greater redundancy. It’s also compatible with Apple Time Machine for automated backups. If you’re a member of the creative community that relented and bought Apple’s new MacBook Pro, you’ll appreciate that the Apollo app supports the MacBook’s new Touch Bar. The drive’s contents are accessible via apps for mobile devices. There’s also a 4TB model if you need more space.

PRICE: $199 (2TB); $249 (4TB)