Tascam Updates DSLR Audio Recorder for Capturing Those Quiet Moments

October 10, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

Looking to overcome the limitations of your DSLR’s meager mic? Tascam has just updated its DR-60D four channel linear PCM audio recorder with a new “Mark II” edition that updates the microphone preamps and slashes the retail price.

The DR-60DmkII’s new preamps now deliver up to 64dB of gain, the better to capture quiet voices. Before the recorder outputs audio to the camera, it attenuates the signal down to the camera mic’s level to prevent distortion.

Like its predecessor, the DR-60DmkII features a tripod mounting screw on top and a socket hole on the bottom so it can easily sit between your DSLR and a tripod. It features a pair of locking XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser microphones and a pair of 1/8-inch stereo connectors for lavs and wireless mics. You can record four individual audio tracks or use the dual recording feature to capture a “safety track” at a lower level.

Audio files can be captured in WAV or BWAV formats up to 96kHz/24-bit quality to an SD card. The recorder is powered by AA batteries, AC power or via USB. It measures in at 5.25 inches wide and weighs roughly 1.1 pounds without batteries. 

The Tascam DR-60DmkII is shipping now for $200.