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Object of Desire: MeFoto Air

December 9, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Like car buyers in the Henry Ford era, most tripod shoppers can avail themselves of any color they like, so long as it’s black. This Ford-esque uniformity doesn’t appear to sit well with MeFoto, whose new Air series of anodized aluminum tripods is sold in seven colors. (Though fear not tripod traditionalists: It’s also sold in black.) Beyond its looks, the new Air series also features a new Hyperlock leg locking system. Rather than a locking mechanism for each leg section, HyperLock uses one locking mechanism per leg, so a single turn unlocks and extends the entire leg. It also allows you to freely adjust leg height by twisting the lock at any desired length. All the tripods in the series have a detachable, telescoping selfie stick and include a spring-loaded smartphone holder. They also include a rechargeable Bluetooth remote control so you can remotely trigger your mobile phone. The tripods include a ball head with integrated bubble level. The series includes the Walkabout monopod that can hold 22 pounds and reaches a max height of 59 inches (no selfie stick in this one, sorry). The BackPacker can stand roughly 60 inches high and holds 8.8 pounds. The RoadTrip holds 13 pounds and reaches 61 inches while the GlobeTrotter reaches 68 inches high and holds 17.6 pounds.

Price: $59 (Walkabout); $125 (BackPacker); $175 (RoadTrip); $225 (GlobeTrotter)


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