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Object of Desire: Gudsen MOZA AirCross Stabilizer

April 19, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

The Gudsen MOZA AirCross Stabilizer.

This new compact stabilizer is ideal for lightweight mirrorless cameras weighing under 4 pounds. The gimbal has a DC output connector so you can add extra battery packs to deliver extra juice to your power-hungry mirrorless. The AirCross also has a DC input, so you can add extra power to prolong the gimbal’s life. Even without extra batteries, the AirCross can operate for up to 12 hours on its rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It ships with a universal quick-release plate and is compatible with plates ranging in size from 50.5 to 55mm. You can operate the gimbal with one hand or attach the optional two-handed mount (pictured) for greater control. A companion smartphone app lets you auto-tune the gimbal to balance your camera of choice. The app also supports time-lapse recording, remote control of the gimbal and shooting mode selection. Speaking of shooting modes, the AirCross offers four different follow modes plus an inverted mode. It re-centers the camera with the push of a button.  

PRICE: $420

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