Vincent Laforet Launches iPhone/iPad App

December 21, 2010

By Dan Havlik, PDN's Technology Specialist

Vincent Laforet is the latest professional photographer to release his own app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The free app, entitled “Visuals by Vincent Laforet,” was approved by Apple for its Apps store on Sunday and, after a few glitches including being labeled with the wrong pricing, is now ready for download.

Mixing education and self-promotion, the app offers nine of Laforet’s well-known images from his days as a staff photographer at The New York Times. Along with showcasing the images on the iPhone and iPad’s screens, the app offers technical detail about the photos including exposure, camera, and lens data.

Short videos where Laforet explains the stories behind the photos and the creative and technical challenges he faced are also available in the app.

In an interview with PDN after today’s launch, Laforet said part of the impetus behind the app was to drum up more work for himself.

“Clients aren’t hiring me anymore to shoot aerials,” he said bluntly. “So this is a modern way to connect with an audience so I can get more aerial assignments.”

If you want more of Laforet’s greatest hits, you can order and add 54 additional images from six collections to the app. The pre-launch pricing for the additional collections was $0.99 for the iPhone and $1.99 for the iPad, with a discount if you buy them all at once.

Laforet gave PDN a sneak peek at the app before its launch and had this to say about it then:

“It’s been a labor of love and it’s taken quite a few months to get all the thing implement to this point. I’ve included videos, ways to share the images and purchase prints etc, so it’s been a lot of work.”

Along with viewing his images, you can add Laforet’s work from the app to your own library and use the photos as a screensaver or a background. There’s also a way to share them with friends and family and purchase signed limited edition prints of Laforet’s work.

To get more information and download the app here.