February 2015

The Adventure & Sports Photography Issue

© Mike Arzt

© Mike Arzt An image taken by Mike Arzt, for both Warren Miller Entertainment’s annual ski movie and the apparel company Spyder Active.


Picture Story: Home, Troubled Home
Kurdish photographer Hawre Khalid is documenting daily life in his hometown of Kirkuk to show outsiders there is much more to the city than oil and war.
By David Walker

What’s in You Bag?: Mark Peckmezian, Film Shooter, Camera Lover
Editorial and fine-art photographer Mark Peckmezian explains why he carries diverse tools and how they inform his work.
Interview by Matthew Ismael Ruiz

Career Advice: Julian Richards on What Makes a Good Photo Rep
Julian Richards, who recently stopped repping after 20 years, talks honestly about what it really takes to succeed as a rep.
Interview by Amy Wolff

U.K. Orphan Works Law Takes Effect; Similar U.S. Law Is Increasingly Unlikely
It is now legal in the United Kingdom to use photos whose copyright owners can’t be located. Efforts to pass a similar U.S. law are at an impasse.
By David Walker


5 Routes to Success in Sports and Adventure Photography
Sports photographers who have successfully carved out niches in the market share how they forged distinctive styles, built connections, and seized opportunities to learn new techniques.
By PDN Staff

Getting In On the Action
How photographers land assignments shooting sponsored expeditions.
By Sarah Coleman

Lights, Action Camera
How cinematographers make video from action cams play well with other footage.
By Greg Scoblete


Josef Koudelka on Motivation, Humanity and What Makes a Good Photograph
On the eve of his retrospective exhibition at the Getty Museum, the master photographer sat down for an interview about his work.
Interview by Laura Hubber and Annelisa Stephan


Client Meeting: Going to California
Cinematic photography with a strong sense of place helps form the visual style of The California Sunday Magazine, a new publication with a West Coast feel.
By Conor Risch


How I Got That Shot: Still-Life with Fleeing Cat
Justin Fantl turns a large-scale product shot into a colorful, graphic composition.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Leica X, Panasonic HC-X1000, Sigma dp2 Quattro.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Seeing Sounds
In their music video Cymatics, musician Nigel Stanford and director Shahir Daud use science to make music, and vice versa.
By Matthew Ismael Ruiz

7 Drones To Let Your Photography Take Flight
A drone for every level of piloting skill and type of camera.
By Greg Scoblete


What A View
In her book Window Seat, Jennilee Marigomen utilizes light, shadow and color to reveal the beauty and wonder in small, fleeting details.
By Conor Risch

A Garden Grown
Artist Eric Gottesman collaborated with an Ethiopian children’s collective, empowering them to create a long-term project about their lives as AIDS orphans that avoids stereotypes.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frame
Pace and Place
By Conor Risch