July 2015

The Fine-Art Photography Issue

Image courtesy of Kevin Cooley and Ryan Lee Gallery, New York

© Image courtesy of Kevin Cooley and Ryan Lee Gallery, New York An installation of “A Thousand Miles an Hour,” a two-channel video by Kevin Cooley.


Picture Story: High Water on The Outer Banks
On assignment for Audubon, Greg Kahn explores North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where locals argue over climate change against a backdrop of rising waters and eroding beaches.
By David Walker

Personal Work to Paying Assignment: Shooting “LIFERS” On the Road With Cadillac
How Matt Alberts turned his interest in skateboarding and wet-plate photography into a year-long project for Cadillac including social media and exhibitions.
By David Walker

Subjects Have Their Say: Why a Confrontation Between Photographers and Locals Turned Ugly in Appalachia
A West Virginia-based photographer digs deeper into a recent news story.
By Roger May

Shoot: There’s No Crying in Baseball
Christopher Leamann documents a day in the life of a beloved mascot.
Interview by Amy Wolff


Fine Art on Demand
Artists and gallery directors discuss the criteria to consider when negotiating a price for commissioned prints.
By Edgar Allen Beem

Is the Art World Biased Against Commercial Photographers?
Open-minded gallerists say the skills photographers gain by shooting assignments can help them succeed in fine-art careers.
By Conor Risch

Artists Working for Fair Pay
An advocacy group is fighting for the rights of artists to be compensated for exhibits, lectures and performances.
Interview By Conor Risch

How to Sell Your Fine-Art Prints: A Primer
From the PDN archives: Advice on pricing, marketing and selling limited editions.


Spotlight: From Lads To Men: Maxim Redesigns
The director of photography discusses the photography that helps define its more sophisticated, fashionable look.
Interview By Matthew Ismael Ruiz


How I Got That Shot: Multiple Exposures in a Red Palette
Carlos Serrao applies his experience shooting sports and fashion to capturing models in motion for Nike’s Tech Pack apparel.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Sony A7 II, Panasonic Lumix LX100, Fujifilm X-A2.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: A Feature Film Shot on iPhones
In Tangerine, Sean Baker used the iPhone’s strengths and weaknesses to empower his narrative and make a surprising statement about smartphone videography.
By Aimee Baldridge

18 Lenses for Any Need
From mirrorless to medium format, we’ve canvassed the market for the latest great glass.
By Greg Scoblete


Redefining Landscape
By incorporating her photos of the West into her sculptural works, Letha Wilson encourages a reexamination of landscape photography.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Life and Lessons
Rachel Papo’s series “Homeschooled” delves into the lives of children who are being raised and educated outside of the American school system.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frame: Seen At the Fair