October 2015

The Getting Published Issue

© Matthew Christopher

© Matthew Christopher A detail from an image Matthew Christopher made during the demolition of St. Bonaventure Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia. The image appears in Christopher’s book, Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences, which is based on his popular website.


Picture Story: Photographing Venezuela’s Angry Divide
Natalie Keyssar went to Venezuela to cover protests, but discovered a story that was far more complicated and journalistically challenging than she imagined.
By David Walker

How I Got That Grant:  Richard Renaldi and Gary Briechle on Winning 2015 Guggenheim Fellowships
They deconstruct their successful applications for the prestigious fellowships, created to support mid-career artists.
By David Walker

1st Amendment Watch: Will Police Ever Get the Message That Photography Is Not a Crime?
Press advocates see signs that police are becoming less confrontational with photographers, but there’s still work to be done.
By David Walker


The Online to Print Pipeline
Photographers have leveraged their online audiences to attract the attention of book publishers.
By Josh Root

How and Why Photo Books Sell to a Wide Audience
Trade publishers give photographers an opportunity to sell their books to large audiences. Trade book editors and photographers describe the proposals for three book projects that promise to attract buyers interested in their subjects.
By Conor Risch and Holly Stuart Hughes

Finding a Publishing  Partner
Skateboarding photographer Jonathan Mehring parlayed a chance meeting with a Levi’s marketing executive into sponsorship that helped National Geographic publish his first book.
By David Walker

You’ve Published Your Photo Book. Now How Do You Market it?
Insights on how to get your book in front of potential buyers.


Spotlight: A New Look at Science
Science magazine hired National Geographic veterans Bill Douthitt and Beth Rakouskas to update the visuals in the magazine and on its website. They talk to PDN about assigning and finding photography.
Interview by Matthew Ismael Ruiz


How I Got That Shot: Clean Splash
Will Deleon applied his techniques for controlling light with modifiers to make a splashy product shot.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Leica Q, Canon 5DS and Sony FDR-X1000V.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Road Tripping Down Memory Lane With BMW
A Long Island marketing agency looks to reinvent the local car dealership ad with storytelling and dramatic aerials.
By Jon Blistein 

Chop It Up: 9 Video Editing Tools to Bring Motion to Life
The phrase “8K” may seem more than a wee bit premature. But video technology is changing so fast that at least one of the video editing programs in our roundup is supporting the resolution, even as other products are adding compatibility with 4K formats.
By Greg Scoblete


A Sister’s Love
Toni Greaves’s first monograph follows the growth of a young nun’s relationship with God and her community of sisters, exploring what it means to pursue what one loves in life.
By Dzana Tsomondo

Under Control
Carolyn Russo’s photographs of air traffic control towers around the world consider the structures as architectural artworks, as witnesses to history, and as emblems of the future.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frames: Art and Communication