August 2015

The Going Mobile Issue

© Paul Colangelo

© Paul Colangelo Paul Colangelo photographed sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) migrating to their natal river or stream in British Columbia’s Fraser River watershed.


Picture Story: Exposing India’s Illegal Sand Mines
On assignment for WIRED, Adam Ferguson explores an illegal trade and the impact of an activist’s murder.
By Matthew Ismael Ruiz

How I Got That Fellowship: High-Speed Photography Adventure
As artist in residence at M.I.T.’s Center of Art, Science & Technology, Keith Ellenbogen is helping a physics professor improve underwater high-speed photography techniques.
By David Walker

What’s Your Niche: Action Sports Photographer
James Farrell on shooting action sports, from BMX cycling to skiing to tennis, for sports brands and magazines.
Interview By David Walker

Shoot: Running Down a Dream
How Danny Ghitis covered the Brooklyn Half Marathon.
Interview by Amy Wolff 


Leave the Laptop, Take the Mobile
More photographers are ditching the laptop and doing most of their workflow on mobile devices, but RAW shooters still get a raw deal.
By Greg Scoblete

Off the Grid
Photographers explain how they manage their power, communications and data from anywhere.
By David Walker

The Things They Carry
Photographers known for shooting in sometimes inhospitable locations list the must-have gear they pack.
By Conor Risch & Holly Stuart Hughes


Advice on Funding Your Personal Photo Project
Photographers explain how they found new ways to fund their work.


Spotlight: Catalogues are the New Magazines
Geraldine Hessler and Robert Festino, creative directors at the design agency Totem Creative, explain how they work with photographers to produce catalogues and marketing that are neither editorial nor advertising, but a bit of both.
Interview by Matthew Ismael Ruiz


How I Got That Shot: Rolling With a Still and Video Production
A large production shooting stills and video for GMC required David Westphal to make the most of every moment of California sunlight.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Eyefi Mobi Pro, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR, Phase One A250.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Humanizing Conflict Through Virtual Reality
Karim Ben Khelifa’s virtual reality project aims to give people embroiled in longstanding conflicts an opportunity to empathize with the enemy.
By Conor Risch

Gear Round Up: 8 Video Cameras for Your Next Film
With fast frame rates, higher-than-4K resolution and plenty of dynamic range, these video cameras put DSLRs to shame.
By Greg Scoblete


Fear and Faith
In a new book, Steven B. Smith revisits the street photographs of Utah he made as a young person struggling in a culture defined by Cold War fears and religious conservatism, adding new images that reflect his growth as a photographer and as a person.
By Conor Risch

As Above, So Below
Olivia Arthur “borrows the eyes” of a traveler lost at sea to consider Dubai, past and present, in her ambitious new book, Stranger.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frame: Remembering Mary Ellen Mark