June 1, 2018

PDN Photo Annual 2018

© Elinor Carucci

© Elinor Carucci Elinor Carucci’s “Kiss,” shot on assignment for The New Yorker to illustrate “Cat Person,” a short story by Kristen Roupenian about a young woman’s escalating unease during a bad date. Carucci’s image is honored in the Editorial category of the PDN Photo Annual.


What’s Your Niche?: Jarob Ortiz, National Park Service Photographer
The official photographer of the nation’s historic buildings, landscapes and industrial infrastructure explains his art and complicated technique.
By David Walker

Picture Story: Digging for Bitcoin
On assignment for Politico magazine, Patrick Cavan Brown documents a Bitcoin “mining” outpost, and the high-tech entrepreneurs behind it.
By David Walker


Year in Review: How the Photo Industry Reacted to a Challenging Year
The photo community’s response to today’s political climate, advancements in camera technology and upheavals in the video market.

How Photographers Have Responded to Trump’s Administration
By Conor Risch

The Trump Effect: The Stories That Aren’t Being Published
By Holly Stuart Hughes

The Camera of the Future
By Greg Scoblete

Video Storytelling Thrives Despite Media Panic
By David Walker

Photo Annual 2018
The juried selection of the best images of the year.
Advertising/Corporate Work
Photo Books
Personal Work
Stock Photography
Video/ Multimedia
Student Work
Our thanks to everyone who made this year’s PDN Photo Annual possible.


Wendy Ewald: Pioneer of Collaborative Photography
Having taught women and children to photograph their own lives and dreams for almost 50 years, the photographer discusses what collaborating with her subjects has taught her.
By Holly Stuart Hughes


Art Production at WPP’s Centralized Production Agency
Sabine Rogers, Hogarth Worldwide’s senior integrated art producer/art buyer, on how she works with creative agencies and photographers.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: A Dog Has Her Day
Winnie Au uses strobes to mimic and enhance daylight in both a studio portrait of a canine, and an environmental portrait shot in her subject’s apartment.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
We go hands-on with Fujifilm’s new flagship, DJI’s petite Mavic Air and Rotolight’s path-breaking NEO 2.
By Greg Scoblete

18 Great Lights for Location Work
From strobes to speedlights and compact continuous lights, here’s a look at some great new location lights.
By Greg Scoblete


Our Land
A new book by Kristine Potter challenges the mythology of the American West and its idealized version of American masculinity.
By Conor Risch

Cuba by the Numbers
In a new book, Rose Marie Cromwell mixes staged and documentary imagery to offer a complex, personal view of Cuba.
By Jon Feinstein

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