July 2017

The Photography & Ethics Issue

© Tasneem Alsultan

© Tasneem Alsultan A photo by Tasneem Alsultan, taken on a road in Nizwa, Oman. Alsultan and three other photographers explain how they give subjects from cultures other than their own a voice in their stories and avoid bias and stereotypes in our story "You’re Not From Around Here."


Picture Story: New Americans in Hostile Territory
Holly Pickett couldn’t get anyone to publish her nine-year project about an Iraqi family’s assimilation in America. Then President Trump tried to impose a Muslim travel ban.
By Martha T. Moore

Career Launch: Christina Gandolfo’s Second Act
The Los Angeles-based photographer explains how her experience as a magazine editor helped her become a photographer in her 40s.
By David Walker

What’s Your Niche?: DJ Photographer
Los Angeles photographer Drew “Rukes” Ressler explains how he built a career photographing top DJs at electronic dance music festivals all over the world.
Interview By David Walker


On Doing the Right Thing
Photojournalists Nina Berman, David Guttenfelder, Victor J. Blue, Sim Chi Yin and Ed Kashi talk about their obligations to subjects and audiences, and how the market is affecting ethical standards in the profession. Tom Hundley, senior editor at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, also shares his perspective.
By PDN Staff

The Next Drone War
Now that the FAA has decided who can fly them, the next battle is over where.
By Greg Scoblete

You’re Not From Around Here
Photographers Eirik Johnson, Danielle Villasana, Tasneem Alsultan and Jason Houston explain how they negotiate the ethically sensitive territory of photographing cultures other than their own with dignity, respect and a lack of stereotypes.
By PDN Staff

From The Archive

Bringing Life to Still Lifes
We’ve excerpted some interviews with photographers specializing in food, products, splashes and pours to learn more about their techniques and the creative problem-solving clients require.


Jason Lau on The Role of the Content Producer
Jason Lau, senior art and content producer for 180LA, explains how his collaborations with photographers and directors have evolved with the growth of integrated campaigns.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Color Theory
Mixing tungsten and strobe, Jeff Brown creates portraits and still lifes with color and verve.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Pentax hits the sweet spot with the K-70; Tamron goes long with new 70-200mm; the Technical Image Press Association honors the top products of the year.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Continuous  Lights and their Color Paradox
Understanding CRI can help you choose the right light for your video work.
By Aimee Baldridge

Gear Roundup: 16 Top Interchangeable Lens Cameras
The cameras you need to know about now.
By Greg Scoblete


Museum of Books
Dayanita Singh collaborated with Steidl to create a new book whose form encourages viewers to create their own exhibitions of Singh’s work.
By Conor Risch

New England
Mahtab Hussain’s portraits reveal how young, Muslim, British men represent themselves in defiance of racism and xenophobia.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frame
Eirik Johnson on the Power of Prints