August 2011

Photography’s Heroes and Mentors Issue

© Stephen Shore/courtesy 303 Gallery, New York

© © Stephen Shore/courtesy 303 Gallery, New York “US 97 Klamath Falls, OR, 1975” by Stephen Shore. Shore’s conversation with Gregory Crewdson is one of the four conversations between photographers presented in “Real Talk: Photography Across Generations.”

A Q&A with Aperture Foundation’s new executive director, Chris Boot; why Paul Nicklen packs one ton of gear for National Geographic assignments; camera gear shortages following disasters in Japan; an assignment for a surfing and skateboarding brand sends a photographer to shoot on three continents.
By David Walker


Real Talk: Photography Across Generations
One-on-one conversations between some of the most influential people in photography: Stephen Shore and Gregory Crewdson, Eli Reed and Wayne Lawrence, Don Mccullin and Eugene Richards, Tina Barney and Gillian Laub.


Learning From The Boss
Photographers share the best lessons they’ve learned from a favorite employer.


Right Stuff: Magnolia Pair
Two young wedding photographers combine their talent and esthetic to create a new brand, a new website and a direct-mail promotion.
By Jacqueline Tobin

I’m With the Photographer
Brands are finding that promoting the names of the photographers they hire for unusual, fine-art projects can help their company build cachet, and produce something special for customers.
By Conor Risch

How I Got That Shot: Lit by Fire Trucks
Peter Leverman explains how–and why–he used available light sources for an advertising shot of a small-town street.

Objects of Desire
Olympus LS-20M, Lenovo ThinkPad X1, Munitio [M] BLK: Nine Millimeter Earphones, and a retro studio amenity with special appeal for sci- geeks.

Product Reviews
Phase One IQ180 and the Pentax DA* 55mm f/1.4 SDM lens.

At a Kiev park, fashion photographer Yelena Yemchuk reconnected with her childhood memories of Ukraine and found the subject for her first book.