February 1, 2018

The Social Media Issue

© Shawn Theodore

© © Shawn Theodore “Black Hole Quasar in Capricorn,” an image from “Church of Broken Dreams,” a project and exhibition by Shawn Theodore. Theodore is one of the photographers Leonor Mamanna, photo editor at Bloomberg Pursuits, found via Instagram.


Picture Story: Female Inmates on Wildfire Duty
Photographer Peter Bohler documented some of the tough, proud female prison inmates who fight wildfires in California for less than $2 per hour.
By David Walker

How I Got That Residency: Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Light Work Artist in Residence
Photographer Jennifer Garza-Cuen has landed seven artist’s residencies. She shares insights about applying for artist’s residencies, including the Light Work program.
By David Walker

Legal Developments: Photographers at Risk for Treating Crew as Independent Contractors
Long-accepted ways of hiring and paying crew violate some state laws. But updating those practices is a challenge.
By David Walker


How Photo Editors Use Instagram
PDN asked photo editors how Instagram helps them discover photographers. In describing their methods, many offered advice for photographers eager for their work to get noticed and licensed.
By PDN Staff

Setting Fees for Social Media Advertising Jobs
As advertisers shift marketing dollars from traditional media to social media, photographers and reps are changing the way they calculate creative fees when producing images for social media ads.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

What Photographers Need to Know About Blockchain
Secure digital record-keeping can help photographers protect their rights.
By Greg Scoblete

Social Media and Copyright Registration: Don’t Get Burned
Copyright registration is essential for claiming damages if your images are stolen, but you first have to register them properly.
By Conor Risch

From The Archive

Making Social Media Work for You
Excerpts from some of our recent stories about growing your following and promoting your projects. 
By PDN Staff


Spotlight: Good Food
We asked Elizabeth Jaime, senior visuals editor at Bon Appétit, how she works with photographers and how the photography in Bon Appétit distinguishes it from other sources of information on cooking and food.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Kevin Hart in Vibrant Shadows
Using his favorite techniques, Nick Fancher captured colorful portraits within a tight time-frame.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
It’s a mirrorless showdown as we go hands-on with Leica’s CL, Fujifilm’s X-E3 and Olympus’s OM-D E-M10 Mark III.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Lighting for Naturalism, without Natural Light
DP and lighting designer Rick Siegel explains how his lighting enhances realism and supports a story.
By Aimee Baldridge

Gear Roundup: In the Bag
15 great camera bags for gear of all sizes.
By Greg Scoblete


A Moment of Reflection
For “Silver,” Matthew Brandt coated silver gelatin prints with liquid silver, creating works that depict trees and forests and reflect the viewer. 
By Dzana Tsomondo

Real Lookers
Natalie Krick uses the visual language of fashion and celebrity photography to subvert beauty ideals, and to question how they’re constructed and passed down from parents to their children.
By Conor Risch

End Frame

Finding a Voice and Community through Instagram
By Holly Stuart Hughes