November 2016

The Advertising Issue

© Paul Costello

© Paul Costello Paul Costello shot an advertising assignment in Jamaica for American Eagle brand Martin and Osa, with art director Deb McKeand.


Picture Story: Aging in Prison
Jessica Earnshaw explores the daily lives of elderly violent offenders with the goal of bringing more compassion to the debate about criminal justice.
By David Walker

Copyright Watch: Appeals Court Upholds $1.6 Million Infringement Verdict
The ruling upholds the use of an unusual “multiplier” method for calculating damages that could be used in future infringement cases.
By David Walker

Photography Education: For-Profit Art Schools Brooks Institute, Hallmark Close
Falling enrollment and tougher student loan regulations are challenging the survival of for-profit career colleges.
By David Walker


Working for Dream Clients
Christian Kozowyk, Anna Williams and Little Outdoor Giants’ Dom Casserly and Jarrod McCabe on how they identified, pitched and eventually won work from clients who embraced their creative visions.
By Conor Risch and David Walker

Why Photographers Who Can Help Art Direct Are in Demand
Photographers who can conceive as well as execute ideas for branding campaigns not only land jobs, but win the loyalty of clients.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Working with Magazine Branded Content Studios
Advertisers are turning to magazines to help them appeal to readers by creating custom stories of a similar quality to the publication’s editorial work, which has built a new market for photographers and videographers.
By Conor Risch

From The Archive

Covering Sensitive Subjects
Excerpts of interviews with photographers on documenting sensitive or controversial issues.


Sharing Visual Stories of Women and Children
Christine Nesbitt Hills, senior photography editor for UNICEF, explains how she finds and hires photographers, and how UNICEF uses photos to inspire action for change. 
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Using Hard and Soft Light for Subjects Light and Dark
Dwight Eschliman adapts his lighting formula for varied subjects.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
We go hands-on with Ricoh’s first full-frame DSLR, Canon’s mid-range EOS 80D and the 360fly 4K action camera.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames per Second: Seeing Without Sight
Notes on Blindness, a film and VR experience, are adapted from the remarkable journals of John Hull, who described his experience of going blind.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

8 Video Cameras for Every Level of Skill
A look at eight new video cameras that serve a wide range of filmmakers, from those who want to jump into live streaming and those ready for creating cinematic effects.
By Greg Scoblete


Harlem World
In a new body of work, Dawoud Bey revisits Harlem, where he established his career as an artist 40 years ago, using a new photographic approach to consider a once-familiar place.
By Dzana Tsomondo

It Takes an Eco-Village
Daniella Zalcman’s personal project about a village in England established by a group of land rights activists looks at how disparate people came together to form an idealistic, well-functioning community.
By Conor Risch