March 2015

The Collaboration Issue

© Paula Aparicio

© Paula Aparicio Photo by Paula Aparicio from “The Ones We Love,” a collaborative project produced by Lindley Warren.


Picture Story: The High Cost of Cheap Produce
Photographer Don Bartletti and a team at the Los Angeles Times produced an investigation into Mexican children and adults laboring in abject conditions to provide inexpensive produce to U.S. consumers.
By David Walker

From Assistant to Professional: Career Launch
Commercial and editorial portrait photographer Jesse Dittmar explains how he made personal connections with clients to launch his career.
By David Walker

Personal Work to Paying Assignments: Drawing with Light for Magic Man
Tobias Hutzler’s abstract light drawing experiments in the deserts of the American West have led to assignments for Sony and other clients.
By David Walker


Collaborative Coupling
When photographers partner with other creatives— journalists, directors or stylists—their partnerships can produce projects they could not achieve alone.

Cooperative Efforts
Photographers taking on roles as producers and curators of collaborative projects describe the rewards and challenges of working with like-minded photographers to bring their ideas to fruition.
By Sarah Coleman and Conor Risch

Web-based Video Collaboration
How online platforms are bringing video collaborators together like never before.
By Josh Root


Spotlight: The Big Play
Aaron Amaro, co-founder and creative director of Victory Journal, explains how the sports and culture publication hires the photographers it highlights, and why creative agency Doubleday & Cartwright launched the large-format magazine.
Interview with Holly Stuart Hughes


How I Got That Shot: A Soulful Group Portrait
The portrait photographer shares his techniques for planning and directing successful group portraits.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Samsung NX1; Fujifilm X100T; Broncolor Siros 800 S.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: The ABCs of B-roll
Photographer/directors explain their methods for getting all the B-roll footage they need to make great videos.
By Greg Scoblete

11 Action Cameras for Stills and Video
From 4K to full HD, the newest crop of action cameras blend rugged durability with high quality video and still recording.
By Greg Scoblete


Our Land
Dennis DeHart’s wide-ranging project on the Columbia River Basin explores the cultural and ecological connections between communities in four U.S. states and Western Canada.
By Conor Risch

Big Donuts
For his new series, “BLAST,” Jim Mangan collaborated with rally-car driver Ken Block to create photographs of dust patterns in the remote Utah desert.
By Conor Risch

End Frame
Lessons in Seeing
By Holly Stuart Hughes