August 1, 2018

The Fine-Art Issue

© Sarah Christianson

© Sarah Christianson An image from Sarah Christianson’s “When the Landscape is Quiet Again” series. In this issue a collector who bought several prints from the series explains why he likes to buy directly from photographers who don’t have gallery representation.


Picture Story: Bird Odyssey
Karine Aigner’s strobe-lit images of a field scientist at work draw Audubon magazine readers into a story about an endangered migratory bird.
By David Walker

How I Got That Grant: IWMF’s Fund for Women Journalists Grant
Julia Rendleman shares insights on how she won a grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation to explore the impact of the opioid crisis on families.
By David Walker


What (and How)  Collectors Buy Now
Five collectors discuss the prints they’ve recently bought, and the many ways they look for and buy photos.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

How Artists Create Opportunities with Alternative Exhibition Spaces
Resourceful photographers are making up for limited exhibition opportunities at galleries and museums by creating their own venues and shows.
By Conor Risch

Selling Prints Through Art Consultants
Art consultants and interior designers are sourcing photographs for corporate and hospitality clients who sometimes pay thousands of dollars for large prints. Art consultants explain what they look for.
By David Walker


Heather Black on Managing Integrated Productions
Heather Black, senior integrated producer at Adam&eveDDB, talks about hiring photographers, and changes she has seen in the advertising business.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Celebrity Portraits: A Theme and Variation
Using a lighting setup with multiple LEDs and HMIs on a GQ assignment, Marcus Smith created varied portraits of a parade of celebrities.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
Hands-on with Sony’s a7 III, Canon’s 4K-recording EOS M50 and Panasonic’s evolutionary Lumix GH5S.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: How to Pick the Right Camera
A director of photography identifies the eight factors he considers when choosing a video camera.
By Bruce Logan

Gear Roundup: 13 Editing Programs
Updates to some classic image editors, plus new retouching tools for 360-degree images and more.
By Greg Scoblete


Cultural Thread
Alia Ali’s “BORDERLAND” series uses textiles to tell the stories of communities around the world, emphasizing a visual language shared by tribal cultures.
By Conor Risch

Tourist Attraction
A new collaborative series by Joy Drury Cox and Ben Alper explores the odd world of cave tourism in the southeastern United States.
By Jon Feinstein

End Frame

Sam Wagstaff’s Omnivorous Collection
By Holly Stuart Hughes