February 2017

The Food Photography Issue

© Bobby Fisher

© Bobby Fisher Bobby Fisher photographed a chocolate rye bundt cake for the gluttony section of Gather Journal’s recent “Seven Deadly Sins” issue. Fisher is one of four photographers we interview in “Forward-Thinking Food Photographers.”


Photo Book Publishing How-to: Frozen in Time
Photographs she took for distraction led photographer Sarah C. Butler to personal transformation, reconciliation with her estranged mother—and an unexpected book deal.
By David Walker

Picture Story: Deep Waters Rising
Photographer Greta Rybus entices U.S. audiences to care about the consequences of climate change for vulnerable people and cultures around the globe.
By David Walker

What’s Your Niche?: Andrew Paul Leonard, Micrographer
The photographer uses scanning electron microscopes to create surreal photographs of cells, dust, and other materials that are invisible to the naked eye.
By David Walker


Forward-Thinking Food Photographers
What makes a great food photo? We talked to four photographers whose restless experimentation is helping to push food photography in new directions.
By PDN Staff

Why Food PR Firms are Hungry for Photography
PR representatives for restaurants and other food and beverage clients in three cities explain why photography is essential to their work, and how they find and hire photographers.
By Conor Risch

The New Cookbook Culture
The market for cookbooks is growing, but competitive. Five photographers describe the challenges and satisfactions of shooting for cookbooks.
By Rebecca Robertson

From The Archive

Pushing the Boundaries of Objectivity
Excerpts of interviews with photographers who have taken subjective approaches while working on documentary projects.


Create Spotlight: Accessible Modern
Korin Thorig, content production director at West Elm, explains how the retailer uses photography to communicate to customers, and what West Elm values in the photographers it hires.
By Conor Risch

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Natural Beauty
Melanie Acevedo explains how her style of lighting and directing captures the beauty of real women for Dove’s international advertising.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
We go hands-on with Olympus’ new speed demon, the OM-D E-M1 Mark II; go long with Tamron’s SP 150-600mm G2 and forge into the 4K future with Panasonic’s Lumix G85.
By Greg Scoblete

Frames Per Second: Pitching Your Film Successfully
The program director for the Points North Institute explains how fledgling documentary filmmakers can effectively use pitching forums.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear Roundup: File Friendly: 11 Digital Asset  Managers
These software programs can help tame large and unruly digital libraries.
By Greg Scoblete


Sea of Humanity
Richard Mosse’s new project documents the refugee crisis using thermal cameras meant for military targeting and border surveillance.
By Conor Risch

Dark World
Hannah Price uses her experiences growing up as an African-American in a predominantly white city, and her observations of the way people perceive and react to black men, to inform her series of portraits made at night on city streets.
By Dzana Tsomondo

End Frame: Aya Brackett on Martin Parr and Food Photography as Anthropology