November 2015

The How-To Issue

© Josh Wool

© Josh WoolMax Wanger Josh Wool’s photo of artist Melodi Meadows for The Goldheart Collective.


Picture Story: Documenting an Idyllic New England Farm
Gabriela Herman’s seven-year personal project about an organic farm changed the course of her career, culminating with the publication of a cookbook.
By David Walker

From Assistant to Photographer: How Frances F. Denny Launched Her Fine-Art and Advertising Careers
A broad network of contacts has helped Denny establish herself since getting her MFA.
By David Walker

Legal Bulletin: FTC Puts Instagram Influencers on Notice about Paid Endorsements
The Federal Trade Commission issues new truth-in-advertising guidelines for social media users.
By Conor Risch


Direct Approach
Pitching work directly to companies has helped Toby Smith and Candy Kennedy land assignments and generate licensing opportunities.
By Conor Risch

Step Into 4K While Stepping Around the Pitfalls
How to meet the technical and budgetary challenges of shooting 4K video.
By Greg Scoblete 

5 Questions to Consider Before You Sue a Copycat
A copyright attorney explains why so many copyright claims fail.
By Nancy E. Wolff, Partner, Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, LLP

How (and Why) to Make Copyright Registration Part of Your Workflow
Photographer Michael Grecco explains his system.
By David Walker

How to Make the Most of a Creative Call and Write a Successful Treatment
When bidding on advertising jobs, more photographers are submitting written treatments to sell their ideas.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

How to Build Support for a Long-Term Photo Project
Ami Vitale’s project about wildlife conservation began with a story she had trouble selling to editors.
By Conor Risch

How to Get The Best from Portrait Subjects
Four photographers explain how they connect with their subjects.
By Holly Stuart Hughes, Conor Risch and David Walker

How to Jump-Start Business When the Phone Stops Ringing
Consultant Amanda Sosa Stone suggests immediate steps to take.
By David Walker

How to Light Subjects That Move
Tips from PDN’s archives on shooting splashes, pours, cars and video footage.


Hatching Brands and Strategy
The co-founders and principals of the design firm Hatch discuss collaborating with photographers on branding strategy.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes


Following, Not Directing, Athletes in Action
On a Reebok shoot, Ewan Burns used continuous lights to illuminate a large space, allowing him to capture action as it happened around him.
Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews: Mirrorless Masterpieces
Sony steps up its full-frame game with the a7R II; Panasonic focuses on 4K; Fujifilm X-T10, heir to the X-T1 throne.
By Greg Scoblete and Theano Nikitas

Frames Per Second: Jongsma + O’Neill: The Value of Immersive Storytelling
The award-winning documentary filmmakers explain the planning behind their interactive, multi-chapter production Empire and their upcoming VR documentary.
By Josh Root

12 Of Our Favorite Mobile Apps
From photo editing and sharing to unshackling your phone camera’s manual controls, these are the apps we can’t live without.
By Greg Scoblete


Yesterday’s Summers
A winner of the CDS/Honickman First Book Prize, Nadia Sablin’s Aunties chronicles the summers her aunts spent living in a small Russian village.
By Dzana Tsomondo

It’s in the Air
In his new book, Caleb Cain Marcus used India’s Ganges River as raw material to create images that encourage a different understanding of how we experience physical space.
By Conor Risch

End Frame: Sharing Expertise: John Keatley on Chris Buck

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