November 1, 2017

The Lighting Issue

© Amanda Ringstad

© Amanda Ringstad To photograph glasses made with dichroic glass and designed by Alissia Melka-Teichroew and John Hogan, Amanda Ringstad put them on a mirrored surface covered by transparent orange acrylic, and lit the scene with a key light, a gelled back light and reflectors.


Picture Story: Swimming with Sharks
Conservation photographer Pete Oxford found a positive environmental story about the peaceful coexistence of whale sharks, fishermen and tourists.
By David Walker

Book Publishing: The Cost and Benefits of Creative Control
Ryann Ford explains how she published a successful photo book about vanishing roadside rest stops, and the compromises she made to retain creative control.
By David Walker

Photojournalism: Documenting White Supremacy
As neo-Nazis and white supremacists draw more media attention, photographers who have covered them share their experience, advice and warnings.
By David Walker


The Right Light for the Right Look
Photographers known for their facility with light explain how their techniques serve their distinctive styles and the subjects they’re shooting.
By Brienne Walsh, Holly Stuart Hughes and Conor Risch

Chris Patey: Lighting Group Portraits
By David Walker

I Built That
Photographers share their favorite homemade modifier recipes.
By Greg Scoblete

From The Archive

Protecting Yourself and Your Business
Experts on legal and security issues discuss how photographers can stay safe and protect themselves in worst-case scenarios.
By  PDN Staff


Spotlight: Blending Ideas and Great Design
Zack Shubkagel of Willoughby Design spoke to PDN about the changing role of design firms, and how his branding agency collaborates with photographers, ad agencies and clients.
By  Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear & Techniques

Product Reviews
Hands-on with the Fuji X-T20, the Profoto B1X and the Epson SureColor P5000.
By Greg scoblete

Frames Per Second: Where Jet Planes Go to Die
“Funeral for a 747,” the debut VR effort by award-winning director Marshall Curry, places viewers in a jet recycling facility, and shows how the medium can be used in nonfiction storytelling.   
By Holly Stuart Hughes

14 Inkjet Printers &  Papers
Get it on paper. By Greg Scoblete


Family, Faith and Perseverance in the Mississippi Delta
With his new book, Brandon Thibodeaux tells a story about a rural African American community that has faced adversity with faith and self-reliance.
By Conor Risch

In Our System
Christina Seely uses multi-layered prints and video installations that depict a rainforest and an arctic environment in an effort to inspire empathy for our fragile planet.
By Conor Risch

End Frame: Art Streiber on Sharing Knowledge
By  Holly Stuart Hughes