March 2017

The Money Issue

© Meiko Takechi Arquillos

© Meiko Takechi Arquillos “Red Phone,” a self-assigned photo by Meiko Takechi Arquillos, who says sharing personal work on social media has been more effective than making expensive promotions.


Picture Story: Standoff at Standing Rock
Minneapolis Star Tribune photographer Richard Tsong-Taatarii documents the people and spirit of a storied protest against an oil pipeline.
By David Walker

Expert Advice: Mike Davis on Editing Your Own Work
The award-winning picture editor and Alexia Tsairis Chair for Documentary Photography at Syracuse University explains how to select images for books, competitions and grants.
By David Walker

Copyright Watch: Congress Takes Up Copyright Reform
Photographers and their trade groups are (mostly) enthusiastic about the reforms, including establishment of a copyright small claims court.
By David Walker


Financial Advice for Photographers from Photographers
Smart investments during flush times help photographers get through lean periods, and open up other opportunities. PDN asked photographers about managing money, from what to do with a big fee from an assignment, to whether or not to buy equipment. Here’s what they told us.
By Conor Risch

What To Do When Your Clients Aren’t Paying
You complete a job, submit an invoice, and wait (and wait) for payment. Here’s help from photographers who share their tips and tricks about the delicate task of getting clients to pay up.
By Rebbecca Robertson

Estimating 2.0: How to Price Advertising Jobs for Print, Web, and Social Media
Three experts demonstrate the process using a pretend assignment for an ad campaign.
By David Walker

Insurance: What You Need
Accident or injury on the job to you or someone you have hired can do more than ruin a shoot. It could bankrupt you. Fortunately, photographers can insure themselves against accidents, theft and other types of loss. An insurance broker for APA explains how.
By David Walker

Happily Ever After With Your Rep
Photographers and reps talk about the natural friction in their relationships, why break-ups happen, and how to stay together.
By Martha T. Moore

From The Archive

How Personal Work Pays Off
Excerpts of interviews with photographers who have found creative inspiration, improved their skills, and attracted new clients with personal projects.


Is the Future Unretouched?
As more brands and magazines join the movement against retouching beauty and fashion images, photographers find refreshing creative challenges and meaningful work.
By Conor Risch

Gear & Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Speed Under Pressure
Chris Mueller on photographing an impatient subject and an un-photogenic environment.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Product Reviews
We go hands-on with Sigma’s sd Quattro; Sony’s G-Master 85mm lens and Fujifilm’s fantastic flagship, the X-T2.
By Greg Scoblete and Theano Nikitas

Frames Per Second: Using VR to Show Life After  Disaster
Gabo Arora, director of the UN’s new VR experience, believes artfully made VR can be an effective tool for advocacy.
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Gear Roundup: 15 Great Wide-Angle Lenses for DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras
From zooms to primes, these lenses help you swallow your scene.
By Greg Scoblete


Imagining Riga
Photographer Katrina Kepule draws on childhood memories of small-town life to create magical, melancholic images of Latvia’s capital city.
By Dzana Tsomondo

A Sum of Parts
In a new book of portraits, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer explore the influences of personal history and cultural identity on Argentinian women.
By Conor Risch