Getty Images to Exclusively Distribute 500px Images

May 31, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

500px is entering into a “strategic distribution partnership” with Getty Images to make its 500px Marketplace images available through

The 500px Marketplace was the platform’s direct licensing business, which is now being phased out in favor of an exclusive distribution deal with Getty.

Getty will build “unique collections” to store and showcase 500px content. 500px images will be available through the Getty site starting on July 1st. According to a 500px spokesperson, its contributor agreement will remain the same as it transitions to Getty: photographers earn a 30 percent royalty for non-exclusive images and 60 percent for exclusive images.

In Feburary, 500px was purchased by the Visual China Group (VCG). Getty will represent 500px imagery exclusively worldwide with the exception of China, where 500px imagery is distributed by VCG.

As a consequence of the migration to Getty, 500px will be phasing out any images with a Creative Commons license–both the ability of photographers to upload images with that license, or for users to download CC images.

You can read a full FAQ about the transition from 500px here.