Copyright & Law

A Simple New Way to Register Your Copyright

August 10, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Blockchain, the technology that makes the crypto-currency BitCoin work, has been slowly entering the imaging market as a way to authentic digital “originals.” Several firms, including Mediachain and Ascribe, have created services that allow photographers to create blockchain records of images they create. If those images are duplicated anywhere on the web, the creator can be notified and prove they have the original.

The problem, of course, is that blockchain verification doesn’t have the legal standing of a U.S. copyright.

That’s where Binded comes in. The company, which was formerly called Blockai, was one of the first to fuse blockchain technology with photo authentication. They’ve now rebranded and created a tool that lets users quickly and easily register images for a U.S. Copyright and also create a blockchain record of their images–kind of a best of both worlds approach.

Unlike other copyright registering services, Binded won’t charge you extra fees for registering your copyright. You will still be on the hook for the fees charged by the U.S. Copyright Office ($35 for a single image, $55 for a batch). Indeed, they claim that thanks to their long-sighted funders, they can offer U.S. Copyright registration “free forever” (make of that promise what you will).

To register your copyright, you simply upload images to Binded, click “register copyright,” pay the fee and you’re done. As you upload images, you’re also sending them to the Binded “vault” where a blockchain record of that image is created. This record enables Binded to scour the web for unauthorized uses of the image. It also serves as a digital fingerprint to prove ownership, alongside your copyright.