Photo Clients

Anand Varma’s Latest Photographer-Scientist Collaboration Results in Stunning Hummingbird Studies

October 16, 2017

By David Walker

© Anand Varma/National Geographic

Researchers track the speed and trajectory of a hummingbird as it flies in front of a patterned background for a story in the July issue of National Geographic. Building on the work of Doc Edgerton and others, photographer Anand Varma wanted to independently control each highspeed flash “at a different power level, and different angle, and use that level of control to more carefully illustrate” his subject, he says.

Anand Varma, who was fascinated with nature as a kid growing up in Atlanta, now follows his curiosity from one laboratory to another by finding scientists who appreciate the power of photography to inform and inspire lay audiences about their often-esoteric work. “A lot of [scientists] are thinking about how to communicate more effectively, and I’m in this process of...

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