Photo Clients

How To Become a Professional Photographer Without Assisting: Stephanie Gonot

April 6, 2017

By David Walker

© Stephanie Gonot

Stephanie Gonot shot whimsical platform shoes for Nylon, in a story with art direction and styling by Lauren Machen. Working as a rep, Gonot saw first hand the ups and downs in the careers of photographers—and how to handle them. Click to see more of her poppy assignments.

Stephanie Gonot fell into the photography business almost accidentally. While selling ice cream sandwiches out of an ice cream truck, she started curating collections of photos—taken by other people—on Tumblr. Soon she was putting on small exhibitions. Along the way, a friend at Art Center in Pasadena invited Gonot to a talk featuring Maren Levinson of Redeye. “I wanted to...

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