The Year’s Top Business Stories

June 12, 2017

From L to R: Everything I Want to Eat published by Abrams Books. The cover of Aperitivo published by Rizzoli. Victuals: An Appalachian Journey published by Clarkson Potter.

PDN and PDNOnline give professional photographers up-to-date information about running a profitable photography business, including ideas on marketing, budgeting, estimating and more. Here’s a list of the top business-related articles read by you, our audience, on so far this year:

Veteran Photo Editor Mike Davis on Editing Your Own Work

The award-winning picture editor and Alexia Tsairis Chair for Documentary Photography at Syracuse University explains how to select images for books, competitions and grants.

How Top Photographers Conquer Self-Doubt, Part 1

Self-doubt and fear of failure haunt most photographers, especially when they’re starting out. Successful photographers share their own doubts and fears, and strategies for taming them. Here, Chris Buck, Richard Misrach, Jake Stangel and Deanne Fitzmaurice talk about the fear of failure in their careers, and how passion keeps them going. Click here to read part 2, part 3 and part 4.

How to Sell Prints without a Gallery

Photographers are selling fine-art prints directly to fans and collectors. We talked to photographers about how they handle customer service, shipping and filling orders.

Estimating 2.0: How to Price Ad Jobs for Print, Web and Social Media

To land commercial jobs, photographers have to know how to estimate the costs. Clients rely on estimates—often in combination with creative treatments—to make hiring decisions because they indicate the level of production expertise photographers will bring to the job. We recruited freelance art buyer Karen Meenaghan and two reps to show PDN readers how the process works. Our goal is to help photographers make better estimates, ask the right questions, understand the client expectations and consider realistic costs for a production.

How Personal Work Pays Off

Excerpts of interviews with photographers who have found creative inspiration, improved their skills and attracted new clients with personal projects.

Photographing for the New Cookbook Culture

The market for cookbooks is growing, but competitive. Five photographers describe the challenges and satisfactions of shooting for cookbooks.

Financial Advice for Photographers from Photographers

PDN asked photographers about managing money, from what to do with a big fee from an assignment, to whether or not to buy equipment. Here’s what they told us.

How Brands Are Working With Photographers to Attract Consumers

We interviewed creatives who have collaborated with photographers on native ads, branded content and other efforts.

Why Food PR Firms are Hungry for Photography

PR reps for restaurants and other food clients in three cities explain why photography is essential to their work, and discuss how they find and hire photographers.