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How Journalist Maryam Omidi Surpassed Her $19,000 Kickstarter Goal

December 27, 2016

By Martha T. Moore

courtesy of Maryam Omidi

Druzhba Holiday Center, in Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula. When Maryam Omidi launched a campaign to raise money for a book of photos documenting former Soviet sanatoriums, she didn’t yet have pictures of the sites, so she showed public domain images on Kickstarter.

Maryam Omidi had barely checked into her room at Khoja Obi Garn in Tajikistan when she got the idea for a photo book on Soviet-era sanatoriums, the enormous modernist spas built for proletariat R&R. “It was just a thing that I couldn’t get out of my head,’’ she says. “I kept thinking about it: what can I do with this,...

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