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  • Color Perfected: Calibrating with the Spyder5ELITE+ Upgrade from ANY brand for $139!

    …working in scenic locations that don’t always have consistent light. This can be a tricky business, but Rubahn uses Spyder5ELITE+, the new top-of-the-line display calibration technology from Datacolor, which gives…

    August 14, 2017 - Sponsored

  • Camera Review: Hands-on with Panasonic’s GH5

    …a vectorscope display, time code, color bars, adjustable luminance levels and picture profiles such as CineD, CineV and (with an $99 software license) VLog. Design Ergonomically, the GH5 is more…

    August 10, 2017 - Mirrorless

  • 9 Awesome Drones

    …control with a 5.5-inch HD display built in. The standard P4 Advanced comes with a controller that requires a smartphone. PRICE: $1,349; $1,649 (Advanced +) INFO: GoPro Karma The…

    August 9, 2017 - Gear

  • Obituary: Street Photographer Arlene Gottfried, 66

    …by her siblings, Karen and Gilbert, and her sister-in-law, Dara. A memorial service will be held in New York City on August 10. Related Article: Arlene Gottfried: “Nuyorican” Retrospective…

    August 8, 2017 - Obituaries

  • The High Dynamic Range Video Revolution is Coming—Are you Ready?

    …photography, HDR video isn’t based on exposure composites and doesn’t need tone mapping to squeeze itself back into the inadequate parameters of a display with a peak brightness of no…

    August 8, 2017 - Video & Filmmaking

  • Making Your Photo Studio an LLC: The Pros and Cons

    …lawyer for the artist and entrepreneur. His law firm is Arce Stark Law LLC, This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be…

    August 7, 2017 - Business

  • Jeremy Cowart on the Global Power of Photography

    …deeply moved. For days I watched as the television flashed images of gloom and doom—dead bodies, crumbled buildings—it just felt like a heartless display of numbers and statistics. “How were…

    August 3, 2017 - Sponsored

  • Taking Flight with DJI’s Inspire 2 Drone

    …flight; interchangeable lenses; improved battery; easy to operate. CONS: Remote battery not removable; remote lacks built-in display; limited lens selection. PRICE: $6,198 (with X5S camera & CinemaDNG/ProRes license) Related Articles:…

    August 2, 2017 - Gear

  • Creating a Photographic Study of Decaying Human Corpses

    …with science. While working on his last big project, about the Texas Petawatt pulse laser and the scientists who work with it, he came across a magazine article about the…

    August 1, 2017 - Photographer Interviews

  • 18 Top Interchangeable Lens Cameras

    …the equivalent of a 51-megapixel image—a resolution high-water mark for the mirrorless category. The camera is dust and splash proof and offers a 2.3-megapixel electronic viewfinder and 3-inch display. PRICE:…

    July 25, 2017 - Cameras

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