Color Perfected: Calibrating with the Spyder5ELITE+ Upgrade from ANY brand for $139!

August 14, 2017

Image courtesy of Datacolor

As a photographer who frequently shoots and retouches on location, Mannheim, Germany-based Laura Helena Rubahn, who shoots beauty and fashion work with rich colors and elaborate costumes, finds herself working in scenic locations that don’t always have consistent light.

This can be a tricky business, but Rubahn uses Spyder5ELITE+, the new top-of-the-line display calibration technology from Datacolor, which gives her peace of mind that the colors she’s manipulating are true colors.

“It is essential to trust the colors on your laptop even in changing light conditions,” she says.

Image courtesy of Datacolor

When you edit images on a screen, you need to know that the colors you’re working with are accurate. Spyder5ELITE+ resolves many of the difficulties you likely face regularly. The product’s hardware attaches via USB port, while the software calibrates your screen for accuracy. The hardware is small, easy to take on location, and is protected and sealed so sand, dust and other air pollutants won’t get in.

Image courtesy of Datacolor

Spyder5ELITE+ checks and corrects the color accuracy, the contrast, the white point, and the brightness of your display. Typically, displays are too blue, too contrasty, overly saturated and too bright. Once corrected, you will have an unbiased view into your digital world.

Spyder5ELITE+ is all about accuracy and consistency. It will allow you to faithfully print the image you saw on screen. Consistency from screen to print will allow you to make the prints you intend without costly, and frustrating, reprints. Spyder5ELITE+ will also allow you to best match multiple displays through an industry leading method called StudioMatch. StuidoMatch can evaluate multiple displays, calibrate them with common parameters and allow you to fine tune the results.

If the lighting in your room changes throughout the day, the Spyder5ELITE+ sensor can remain plugged in to monitor the room lighting. As the lighting changes, the Spyder5ELITE+ software will automatically switch to the appropriate profile.

Using Spyder5ELITE+, you can also SoftProof your images to simulate how they’ll look on any printer or device. David Cardinal, a professional travel and nature photographer based in California, loves this function. “One way to determine what your image will look like in a printout is to SoftProof the image using a profile for that printer,” he says. “Spyder5ELITE+ provides that capability seamlessly. You can use the included target or look at any images you have by specifying a custom file or folder for it to use as targets.”

Once you’ve finished editing, Spyder5ELITE+’s full-screen before-and-after function allows you to check the color improvement on your images and fine-tune them if you wish to focus on the details most important to you.

It’s easy to upgrade to Spyder5ELITE+ from any calibration device – any brand. And through the end of August, you can get it marked down from $308 to $139—a $169 savings!

Learn More: http://www.datacolor.com/promo/crossgradeus/?afftid=70116000001EA2g