Getting Social with Video Marketing

April 18, 2017

© Lara Jade

Animoto proves a photographer doesn’t have to be a videographer to produce enticing motion content.

Above: Lara Jade’s Animoto video.

Lara Jade understands the essence of time. As a full-time fashion photographer, she’s often traveling internationally—on assignment for editorial and advertising work, speaking engagements, and leading workshops.

Like most photographers, she understands that motion is a chic (and essential) tool for pushing her still images beyond the static, as video quickly becomes the favored medium for engagement on social media platforms. While marketing is essential to her business, Jade has many other important aspects of her career to consider, like the production for her latest commissions with Air France, Reem Acra or Elle Singapore.

© Lara Jade

Today, there’s infinite potential for video marketing in the digital world. And though all photographers are storytellers, not every photographer has the bandwidth or the expertise to produce unique video content and still shine brightly behind the lens—especially when being sent on location around the globe. And for Jade, who doesn’t have video editing experience, the traditional protocol of hiring a video editor is expensive and time-consuming; she prefers maintaining artistic control, and thus, a DIY approach, to as many aspects of her business as she can manage.

Enter Animoto, which proves that a little effort goes a long way in video marketing. Known over the last decade for helping photographers build enticing photographic slideshows, the company recently launched the Marketing Video Builder. As a platform that makes creating and sharing video content intuitive and simple, it allows the photographer to choose from various customizable Storyboards, a text editor for overlaying words and more than 2,000 commercially licensed songs to make captivating motion content—without even having to shoot video. “The drag-and-drop interface gives me the ability to see the story I’m trying to tell as I make it,” says Jade of using the platform, which also includes an attractive square format optimal for social media. “I was surprised by how easy it was to make a professional-looking video in such a short amount of time.”

In less than 30 minutes, Jade can create a video from existing content, share it on social media and engage with more new and existing followers than she had previously on her site—all while maintaining complete creative control, something she’s especially excited about.

“As artists we are all trying to think of new ways of marketing for our clients to engage more,” she explains. “Interesting video makes people stop and look.” In addition, she says, the Animoto Marketing Video Builder is an excellent way to put together a highlight reel from a specific shoot, showcase her portfolio, or allow her audience to get a behind-the-scenes peek of her on the set of a shoot.

© Lara Jade

Apply this empirical success to the probability of getting work in front of at least a few potential clients at the same time—and Jade’s dream assignment is that much closer to becoming reality.

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