Globetrotting with the GlobeTrotter Air

December 8, 2016

© Follow Me Away

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When Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale posted their first photo to Instagram under their business moniker Follow Me Away, the model-photographer team didn’t realize that a year and a half (and many adventures) later, they’d amass a 20,0000-strong following. Since that first photo of Yore in France’s Vanoise National Park, the couple’s wanderlust is still alive and well as they traverse the globe, seeking breathtaking locations.

A recent trip to the Pacific Northwest took them across Oregon’s Highway 242 through the Cascade Mountain range, then to hike the Proxy Falls east of the Mackenzie River—a location that landed on their travel bucket list after seeing it featured on several Instagram accounts they follow. Always up for a photographic adventure, they geared up, strapping their MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Air travel tripod to their camera bag.

Photo © Follow Me Away

Photo © Follow Me Away

Yore and Drysdale describe the trail as stunning: A 1.5-mile loop that winds through stark lava fields and “magical” old-growth forests, and finally, the waterfalls. When they arrived at the falls, they photographed freehand for a while, then set up their tripod to take long exposures of the cascading water and evergreen landscape. “Waterfalls produce a ton of wind, and we were pleasantly surprised that the lightweight GlobeTrotter Air was super stable and stood up to the gusts coming from the falls,” they say.

During their time in Oregon, they also used the tripod to take portraits of themselves on a timer in various locations. “We are rarely in photos together so we were excited that we could easily tote our tripod around for this reason!”

Photo © Follow Me Away

Photo © Follow Me Away

The GlobeTrotter Air also has an intelligent design that allows it to double as selfie-stick with bluetooth remote, making it versatile for any kind of travel shoot. “We are most excited about this because it will be another way for us to document our travels, photo projects and life together as a couple,” they say.

They were recently in Iceland where they ventured to capture the Northern Lights and brought their tripod along—an “absolutely essential” product for “low-light conditions, extreme Arctic wind, and trekking in the Icelandic wilderness,” they explain.

The couple also loves the range of color options offered with the GlobeTrotter Air. Their blue tripod, they say, “really pops among the sea of black tripods.”

Photo © Follow Me Away

Photo © Follow Me Away

Weighing in at 3.1 pounds—“literally almost as light as air”—it’s also compact enough to fit in the water bottle holder of their backpack so they can still claim their camera bag as a personal item when flying, which is convenient for the jetsetters.

The MeFOTO Air travel tripod kit series offers a variety of models for all occasions (the Backpacker Air, the Roadtrip Air, and the Walkabout Air, in addition to the Globetrotter Air), and comes in seven different colors. Visit mefoto.com/air to learn more.