How AcrylicPress.com Inspired Two Wedding Photographers to Create an Online Networking Space

June 20, 2018

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All photos courtesy of AcrylicPress.com

Running a profitable photography business is an art unto itself. Or, as Dallas-based wedding photographer Rafael Serrano succinctly puts it, “Finding clients is easy, but keeping them is difficult.” Part of the secret, he maintains, is making clients feel special every step of the way—including offering them only the best, most beautiful products to showcase their special memories.

Serrano, who runs his business with his wife Angelica, specializes in creating dramatic, fine-art portraits that translate beautifully into tangible products. As such, Serrano spent years scouring the market for unique, high-quality products that encourage clients to print his photographs, and that search came to a halt when he started using AcrylicPress.com. “Every year I do an average of 100 engagement sessions and 35 weddings, and every time the client buys at least one product from AcrylicPress.com.”

Serrano’s clients tend to gravitate towards prints first and foremost, and with AcrylicPress.com’s AcryliPrint®HD fusion process, he knows they’re getting top-quality goods. The face-mounted prints have a depth and complexity that’s unmatched by traditional printing and mounting techniques, and full color and black-and-white images alike can be adjusted to fit any size or shape without sacrificing detail. And if Serrano’s clients want something beyond a print, AcrylicPress.com can fuse their images onto a wide range of formats and displays, including panel art, photo blocks and novelty items such as luggage tags and keychains.

Excited by his clients’ reaction to AcrylicPress.com’s products, Serrano referred Miguel Ocque, his good friend and a fellow wedding photographer. Ocque, who is based in Miami, started using them immediately. He says, “Because of my edgy, artistic, modern photography style, I tend to attract clients who have a modern décor, and AcrylicPress.com’s products meet this demand.”

Style aside, Ocque says there are other factors that persuaded him to make AcrylicPress.com his primary print source. Shipping, for one, played a big role in his decision. Since many of Ocque’s clients are ordering metal-backed prints to fit their decor, having a company that meticulously packages their products is key.

Plus, he says, AcrylicPress.com offers top-notch customer service that puts both him and his clients at ease. “Having a direct contact only a phone call away, instead of waiting days for an email, has been incredibly beneficial for my business,” he explains.

Inspired by their success with AcrylicPress.com, Serrano and Ocque founded #2bepic, a Facebook group that offers successful entrepreneurial methods for managing and marketing a profitable photography business, including boosting sales of tangible products. Started in 2016, #2bepic has since expanded to offer workshops, speaking conferences and photo walks.

“Miguel and I saw so many different photography groups forming, but we always felt something was missing. Many focused a lot on how to create images, but not how to market and sell them,” he says. “The best part about being a photographer is not just being able to tell our clients’ stories, but being able to get a great income and living out of our passion, too.”

#2bepic encourages photographers to advocate a sense of easefulness in their business dealings. “A crucial factor in the #2bepic model is learning to cherish the whole experience,” Ocque says.

Always open to listening, learning and improving, Serrano and Ocque don’t limit the discussions to just their voices. They encourage all members to share their findings and wisdom with one another. “In fact, that’s the core sense and heart of the organization: to create a place where everyone is available to learn, share and grow as a community.”

“There’s a sense of fulfillment in helping businesses grow, to share among colleagues and to see the profession from different points of view,” says Serrano. “Being able to recommend a company like AcrylicPress.com, for example, and to have complete confidence that members will be more than satisfied with their products and all the while growing their income stream—that feels very good.”

To learn more about the products and services that AcrylicPress.com offers, visit their website here.

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