Photographing Without Constraints: Matthew Jordan Smith on Achieving His Vision When the Unexpected Happened on Set

June 4, 2018

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Photo © Matthew Jordan Smith

Picture this: You’ve landed a high-end beauty assignment from a major brand. You’ve hired a stellar crew and model for the shoot. After much prep, the lighting and backdrop is set, and the model’s hair and makeup is flawless. The client is depending on you, and now all that’s left is to perform in the moment and do what you’ve been hired to do: create dynamic and beautiful images.

Your digital tech is on standby; you decide to shoot tethered so you can process images on the fly. But as soon as you begin, the connection begins to malfunction. There’s only one way to continue, and that is to disconnect from the computer.

This is what happened to renowned celebrity and portrait photographer Matthew Jordan Smith. Rather than waste any time with a bad connection, he quickly ditched the tether and relied solely on shooting directly to his SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card. No longer shooting with the constraint of a cord and malfunctioning technology, Smith was able to be in the moment and stay on schedule. “The shoot went smoothly,” he says, “and I was able to really capture the critical moment without fighting with the computer on set.” It was a decision that he says absolutely saved the day.

His quick thinking resulted in a flawless image with dramatic shapes of light cutting across an elegantly made-up face. He says without SanDisk, he would have had to “fight through tech problems all day,” quite possibly missing the best shots. “We also would have gone into overtime on the models and crew, which would have upset my client and possibly cost me future work,” he explains.

When it comes to sustaining his career, Smith is only interested in using products he knows won’t fail. “Your reputation is on the line during every shoot,” he says. He trusts SanDisk to perform during every photographic situation—still and motion—including fashion, celebrity and beauty. When he’s photographing powerful women like Oprah Winfrey, Aretha Franklin and Tyra Banks, he requires dependability from his equipment.

And in the high-energy world of fashion and beauty, Smith says his shooting style thrives on the strength of the moment. “You can’t get those back,” he notes. “I don’t want anything holding me back from capturing the right point in time.”.

This key piece of equipment has never let him down in the decade-plus he’s worked with SanDisk. Becoming literally untethered for this shoot and relying on SanDisk allowed him to photograph freely and make his client happy—for a photographer, there’s nothing more important than that.

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PICTURED: Matthew Jordan Smith hardly missed a beat during this beauty shoot when his tether connection malfunctioned.