PPE 2016 Essential Reads

December 20, 2016

The 2016 PhotoPlus Expo was a big hit—from fun exhibitors to exciting new gear, read about some of our favorites below.


WhiteWall Lab has truly revolutionized the print process with its new ultraHD Photo Print, taking photo prints to the next level in terms of sharpness. Thanks to innovative exposure techniques and technology, WhiteWall has managed to achieve twice the resolution of conventionally developed pictures. Regardless of whether a photo is taken with a medium format camera or a smartphone, the ultraHD Photo Print lives up to its name, producing the highest possible amount of sharpness. For those looking for the ultimate in image sharpness, the ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass is an exciting option. UltraHD Photo Prints are available with ¾-inch or 1.5-inch acrylic glass to accentuate the image’s depth and vibrant colors.



If you missed your chance to see the world’s first 1TB SD memory card at the SanDisk booth, you can read more about it here. SanDisk also showcased several other great products at the event, such as their latest SD cards with the new V-class speed rating. This new video-speed class future-proofs your memory to ensure that you’re ready for higher video resolutions and recording features, such as multiple video streams, 360 capture, virtual reality and 8K or higher resolutions. SanDisk also hosted a number of SanDisk Extreme Team members, including Steve Simon, Michael Grecco and Vincent LaForet, who conducted portfolio reviews. Check out the Facebook LIVE session of Vincent LaForet critiquing a very professional portfolio by Ann Lang Mun here.



Reflecmedia is the premiere system for Retro Reflective photography. At PDN Photo Plus Expo this year they set up a live chroma key studio in their booth, allowing attendees to see first-hand how easy it is to use Reflecmedia’s Chromatte drape and LiteRing combination. The customizable and extremely portable Reflecmedia system uses a specially tuned retro-reflective background material known as Chromatte, which appears grey to the naked eye. A camera outfitted with the Reflecmedia Dual LiteRing optical emitter sees vibrant blue or green light waves reflected off of the special Chromatte cloth background. Reflecmedia’s system comes with a controller/power supply that allows you to adjust the intensity of light that the ring emits and eliminates artifacts like chroma-spill and tell-tale color ‘fringes’ around talent, and it even works with scenes lit only by candlelight. For more information, visit www.reflecmedia.com.




For professional or casual captures, JOBY and Lowepro have got you covered. JOBY flexes to fit your point of view: Our versatile mounts and stands adapt to your unique perspective, sparking creativity and inspiring awesome content. Looking to up your mobile photo and video game?  Our GripTight POV kit is the perfect way to get shake-free content using your smartphone—hold it close or use the included Bluetooth® remote from up to 90 feet away.

Lowepro continues to create inventive carry solutions for all kinds of image-makers. Plan to shoot off the beaten path?  Our new Flipside Trek Series is geared for off-road. Enjoy the convenience of our Flipside body-side access, letting you access your gear without putting the bag down. Taking off? Our new PhotoStream RL 150 is a lightweight, armored carry-on that lets you keep your gear safely by your side on any flight.