Print Revival: Memory-making DNP Printers Understand Speed

January 19, 2017

Image courtesy of The South Beach Photo Booth Co.

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 A wedding or event without a photo booth is like a latte without caffeine—it’s just not as good. If guests don’t have a take-home print they can tack up on their fridge or cubicle, how can they truly preserve the memory?

“Even with social media, photo prints are still very much a thing, because they provide a tangible memory,” says Meir Israel, the owner of The South Beach Photo Booth Co. and co-founder of Photo Booth Professionals International. The photo booth trend has become ubiquitous at weddings, corporate activations, fashion parties and museum openings, to name a few. “It’s customer-driven—prints are quite literally the takeaway, so they’re a really important part of what we do.”

Image courtesy of The South Beach Photo Booth Co.

For a recent Neiman Marcus fashion event, for instance, The South Beach Photo Booth Co. provided guests with take-home 5×5-inch sized, 300 dpi prints in less than 10 seconds each, complete with corporate logos. The client loved them, and the gifts wouldn’t have been possible without DNP’s DS620A printer. “The utter speed of the printer is extremely essential to the output,” Israel says. “It allows for a stand-out printing style that’s not easily forgotten. Our clients recognize our ability to provide those memorable experiences for their guests on-site.”

The DS620A is Israel’s main workhorse because it has the power to print everything from photo strips to square prints (mirroring Instagram photos), and even the option for perforation. “It’s a really diverse printer with a lot of unique applications,” Israel explains. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in the backseat of a car and only 26 pounds. “We always travel with it for out-of-town events,” Israel says.

Image courtesy of The South Beach Photo Booth Co.

For the AMC Network Latin America holiday celebration, The South Beach Photo Booth Co. was asked to provide a unique photo opportunity with a social media component. DNP printers helped to meld traditional prints with digital media. “We created three ‘cinemograph’-style animated GIFs,” Israel explains. “The square shape made for great social media sharing, and to translate this digital medium into the real world, we used the DS620A to print 5×5-inch prints as take-home keepsakes for the guests.”

Israel estimates his company supplies about 150 photo booths a year in South Florida, and he’s tried every printing tool on the market. “When I was given a comparison of all the different printers, there was something that popped with the DNP,” says Israel, whose used DNP since 2012. “They’re built like tanks (and we know that because we’ve all dropped them on our feet), but they’re just rock solid printers that we love.”

Image courtesy of The South Beach Photo Booth Co.

When clients want more classic prints, Israel uses the DS-RX1HS for “a whole different photo booth experience,” providing a photographer’s contact sheet, and the option of 6 x 8-inch photos with a ½-inch white border. And like the DS620A, Israel says it “spits it out like fire—lightning fast—in rapid succession.”

While The South Beach Photo Booth Company has used DNP printers for thousands of event scenarios during the past seven years—step and repeats, wedding photo strips, marketing pictures, prints with perforation and coupons for retail stores—Israel says true creativity comes when a client allows him to take the reins. “With DNP printers, we can now apply prints to lenticular film for amazing 3D images,” he says. “We’re also researching how to use them for panoramic prints. Both printers allow for extremely unique scenarios that we haven’t even encountered yet.”