How Printed Photos Drive Revenue for VORE Off-Road Racing

October 13, 2017

By Sponsored

When thrill-seeking clients come to VORE Adrenaline Compound—an off-road course in the Las Vegas desert where drivers can race rented trucks, cars or ATVs—they’re in for one unforgettable experience. Whether they’re swerving back and forth through a sandy desert, learning how to drift or launching off a jump, clients come to VORE for an adventure. As VORE president Mike Self says, when clients come to his establishment, he wants them to have “the opportunity to see what it’s like to drive one heck of a race car.”

VORE’s customers are often seeking that uncontrollable adrenaline rush (and perhaps are looking to test the limits of race trucks, exotic cars or ATVs too), and their experiences often lend themselves to quite the photo op. That’s what inspired Self to invest in his latest business-boosting tool: a photo printer.

“We wanted to find additional sources of income and create a new revenue stream,” Self says. The solution was to have customers leave with a printed photograph in hand—a perfect way to let clients cherish their once-in-a-lifetime experience forever, market the Adrenaline Compound to friends of clients, and to directly grow his business. The idea led to VORE’s photo souvenir package, one of several media packages the company offers.

To make it work, VORE needed a first-class printing solution that is both fast and versatile in its output abilities. “That’s one of the biggest reasons we needed a DNP printer,” he notes. “We really needed a way for these people to remember their experience at VORE. Offering a photo souvenir on-site was the perfect platform for that.”

Not only do printed souvenirs leave clients satisfied and work as effective marketing tools, they’re also a profitable part of Self’s business. In the first year of offering photos as souvenirs, Self says VORE increased overall revenue by 6 percent, “and that was without promoting it,” he notes. “It was an instant success, and people loved it!”

Self soon realized that simply offering print photo souvenirs as part of a package wasn’t reaching the full potential of the print solutions that the DNP printer offered. “Once we figured out how to really sell it, we added a 20 percent increase in the photo department on sales,” he says, noting that with the DNP printers, he can also create custom postcards for VORE to use for self-promotion.

Using DNP printers has allowed Self to manage every aspect of the printing operation, allowing him to manage workflow and produce a system that’s customized for his needs. He says: “Bringing it in-house where we can control and monitor it, and set up a process, procedure and system has been outstanding for us.”

—Sponsored by DNP Photo Imaging