PhotoPlus Expo 2017: How to Bid Ad Jobs (And Win)

October 25, 2016

Jamie Appelbaum, beyond creative mgmt.
Kathryn Tyrrel O’Connor, Stockland Martel
Gregg Lhotsky, Bernstein + Andriulli
David Walker, PDN (moderator)

The Assignment Brief:

Photo library for a pharmaceutical product for women who suffer from endometriosis.

Talent age range 25-50; please include one principal talent and 1 principal. (Can be any ethnicity for both women)
Hero talent ideal age 30 (female)
Principal ideal age 40 (supervisor – female)
Please video cast for range of emotion*

Usage rights:
Unlimited unrestricted exclusive [North America ) usage, in all areas of advertising in all media including but not limited to print, brochures, collateral, web, digital, electronic media, video ,all social and emerging medias and apps including all outtakes for 2 years from date of first insertion. Exclusivity in endometriosis category only

Usage for video includes all footage excluding TV broadcast use in perpetuity
No editing on video required, will be covered by the agency

Please provide basic clean up and color balance on 10 final images
Video lift from still set-up only (no separate story line required)
1 principal (hero) talent, 1 principal (hero’s supervisor) + 8 extras. (men and women; various ethnicities; ages 25-50)
One office location with various set-ups
Office is clean and modern. Not cubicles, not warehouse start-up feel
Light propping only, using available office furniture at location
Please plan to shoot in the San Francisco area.
Please plan on a 2 day shoot with pre-pro and wardrobe fitting for hero/principal talent


Set up 1

Outside office building 1 principal and co-workers

Shot 1 Hero walking to her office building with water in hand.
Shot 2 Hero is leaving her office to go out with her co-workers. (4 extras)


Set up 2

Office Lobby 1 hero woman and 1 extra building security guard

Shot 3 Hero is waking through the lobby of the office building
Shot 4 Hero is leaving her office dressed up (blazer in arm going on a date)

Set up 3

Inside Office 1 hero 1 principal (supervisor) 5 co-workers

Shot 5 Hero walking in the hallway
Shot 6 Hero and co-worker walking in the hallway
Shot 7 Hero is sitting at a desk in her office on a laptop (no branding)
Shot 8 Hero and co-workers are having an informal meeting at a “common” area
Shot 9 Hero, Supervisor and co-workers in a conference room celebrating the hero talent promotion (congratulations banner or cake with people toasting)

Set up 4

Shot 10 Hero on white seamless in various poses

Scenarios will be shot to capture various emotions: optimistic, hopeful, confident and in pain

Campaign Hero allows for a branded circular logo to overlay on the hero’s pelvic area.
Same requirements for video lift.

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